mac support london
Our Philosophy: Keep it simple.

We’ve all encountered those computer geeks on the web. You know the ones: you ask them a question and they act all superior because you don’t know how to do something as ‘easy’ as networking an entire office or creating a DVD and website. Those kinds of geeks are why people are afraid to get help from an IT professional.

Well we aren’t those geeks.

We’ll never belittle you or think ‘Gosh, you should know this!’ because, well, you shouldn’t. It’s not your job to become a computer master or website designer. You have other things going on in your life. That’s where we come in. We’ll do the work for you or help you learn how to do it. We aren’t computer geeks. Oh, we love the Mac all right, but we have other hobbies (I love reading literature and biking, a few of the other staff like rock climbing and going to jazz clubs). In other words, we are just like you. We’ll never use jargon you don’t understand and always speak in un-geek, everyday human terms.

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