mac support london

When switching to a Mac for the first time, the changes can seem overwhelming. How is the file hierarchy organized? What is a Finder? A Dashboard? I want to make a DVD of my photos and movies, but where do I start?

You start with us.

We’ve been training new Mac users for over 8 years now. We offer several classes to suit our individual needs. All classes are done in your home or office on your own Mac. This way you get the feel and experience of learning on your own machine. You keep the changes you’ve made instead of working on a dummy machine.

Mac OS X for Beginners
This is a one hour class where you will learn a complete overview of the Mac operating system, including, but not limited to: Finder, Dashboard, Dock, System Preferences, Applications, and Users (and anything else you want to learn - we’re flexible!). You should be completely comfortable using your Mac after this one-hour session.

iLife for Beginners
In this class you will get a complete basic overview of the iLife suite of applications and then we’ll delve deeper into two or three of the applications that you will use most (your choice). These include: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, and Garage Band. You should be comfortable using your favorite iLife apps after this one-hour session.

Mac OS X for Small Business
In this one-hour class we will teach you how to use your Mac in an office environment. In addition to going over the basics like Finder, Dashboard, Dock, System Preferences, Applications, and Users, you will also learn about accessing and sharing files across a network and user and network security.